What’s the Difference Between Organic and Natural?


There seems to be confusion with the terms “natural” and “organic”. Much of this confusion is caused by marketing.


The definition of “natural” in skincare is not regulated (at least I could not find anything that states otherwise). However, it is widely accepted that “natural” refers to what is not synthetically made, but occurs in nature. A couple of “watch-outs” are since “natural” is not officially defined, it may be subject to interpretation and the second is that generally a natural ingredient must be isolated from its source, which could be a process that involves many synthetic chemicals, which makes one question how natural it is when packaged to sell.


For an ingredient to be considered organic, it must come from a source that was raised or grown without the use of artificial/synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. One must be aware that the definition organic can also be applied even if certain pesticides or fertilizers are used. Also, there are some instances when organic applies even when synthetic compounds are used to assist growth, as long as it is only during a certain period of the life cycle of the resource.