Five “Lifestyle Tweaks” To Support Your Journey Toward Wellbeing


  1. Follow a routine that works for your skin. Don’t be skimpy with the time and the testing that will take to get to what such regimen is for you. I always recommend the following steps twice a day, every day:
    1. Cleansing: Remove excess dirt and oil to prevent pore clogging and potential enlargement.
    2. Toning: Adjust the pH after cleansing and in occasions can be used as a substitution of the first step.
    3. Treating: This is a tricky one as it will need you understand and know your own skin needs. Best way to treat is in my opinion, a serum. It can pack a punch of actives that can target your specific condition and concerns, such as dryness, breakouts, oil, prevention of wrinkles, to name a few.
    4. Moisturizing. Your skin barrier is key to lock water in the skin, which is easier to lose than to get it in. It also helps protect it against elements that can harm the skin. A good moisturizer is normally synonym of adequate barrier.
  2. Remove your makeup before going to bed. I can’t stretch enough the importance of this. You may potentially avoid pores become large, skin thickening, breakouts, dry skin, i.e. the (bad) works. If there is no makeup remover out there that you are happy with, you are not alone. I resolve to use a mild cleanser and sometimes a body lotion for my eye product residue.
  3. Avoid the three Ss, which are the skin’s enemies: Stress, Sun, and Sugar. Avoid exposure to all of them as much as you can.There is a correlation to certain skin conditions caused by stress. It is no easy task to avoid stress, and the mechanism of how those conditions manifest is even more difficult. But stress hurts organs, and in many occasions the damage can be irreparable. Protect your skin from the sun as much as possible when outside. Limit your sugar intake, its metabolism in your body may produce skin-damaging by-products.
  4. Sleep. Another S, but in this case one you should not skip, at least not for prolonged time. Our bodies need to reset and restore, and the same goes for the skin. Although we don’t realize about it, the skin works a lot too. Protecting a body is no easy task.
  5. Find your source of dopamine, whether it’s exercise, relationships, thrill seeker’s activities, etc. Dopamine plays a role in many important body functions, including movement, memory, pleasurable reward, and motivation.

Remember, a happy skin is a healthy and beautiful one.